About Royal Arena

Royal Arena is Denmark's largest and most versatile multi-arena.

Since opening in 2017, Royal Arena has demonstrated its potential by hosting a diverse range of events, including the European Swimming Championships, the World Championships in ice hockey, handball and badminton, various e-sports tournaments, and monster truck shows.

Notably, the arena has also hosted numerous sold-out concerts featuring both the biggest Danish and international acclaimed stars.

Royal Arena is therefor a world-class scalable multi-arena that, due to its well-thought-out design focusing on flexibility, can be transformed to accommodate a wide variety of events.

During sports activities, for example, the stage area can be converted into a seating area, and the stage's location for concerts can vary from a traditional concert hall setup to a central position.

With the capacity to accommodate up to 17,000 concertgoers and 12,500 seated spectators for sports events, this state-of-the-art arena attracts over 500,000 paying visitors annually. For smaller events, the arena can be adjusted to host as few as 3,500 guests.

3 million visitors

Royal Arena was designed by the architectural firm 3XN, emphasizing quality, functionality, and design. The arena itself has a size of up to 35,000 m2, along with spacious foyer areas and ample space for both audiences and service areas.

These service areas cater to performing artists, athletes, and the arena's operational functions.

In total, Royal Arena hosts 70-80 events annually, and in 2022, the total number of visitors was 511,859.

In October 2023, despite the previous two years being impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, the arena welcomed its guest number 3,000,000.

Efficient use

The efficient use of the arena is due in no small part to its large loading bay, allowing quick ingress and egress of equipment, maximizing its capacity utilization. As result, there are often consecutive sold-out concerts with different artists days in a row.

Regarding concerts specifically, the arena is renowned for its excellent acoustics, whether it's Metallica, Olivia Rodrigo, Madonna, or Tobias Rahim performing. And Royal Arena is often the venue where the biggest stars give concerts in Denmark.

More possibilities

In addition to major concerts and events, Royal Arena also offers the opportunity for smaller gatherings in the arena's stylish cocktail lounge, Nohrlund Bar.

The concept, known as Norlys i Nohrlund, combines intimate concerts and thought-provoking talks with culinary enjoyment. By offering both large and small events, the arena's capacity is optimized, resulting in more visitors.

Located just a few kilometres from Copenhagen's City Hall Square, close to a metro station, and with convenient parking, the infrastructure around the arena is well-planned: Thousands of guests can quickly access and leave Royal Arena, which is also near the highway to Sweden and Germany, as well as Copenhagen Airport.

Arena CPHX P/S
Jarmers Plads 2
DK-1551 København V
Tlf. 70 11 66 66
Hannemanns Allé 18
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